The Biggest IT Issues of 2024

Avi Kamania

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As the first month of 2024 draws to a close, offices are officially reopening, and employees are settling back into the routine of day-to-day life. As we embark on our new workplace goals, it's crucial to reflect on the past year and consider some of the significant challenges faced by companies, particularly in their IT departments.

Cyber Threats

Cyber attacks are a persistent issue in the Australian tech industry, with the number of incidents growing exponentially each year. A recent article by Business News Australia highlights the alarming statistic that "cybercrime cost businesses $98 million last financial year, with medium-sized businesses being the hardest hit." This underscores the significant impact cyber threats have had across Australia.

While this is a serious issue with costly consequences, there are several ways IT teams can protect themselves from these attacks. These range from simple measures like two-step verification and training teams not to click on suspicious links to more robust methods such as limiting access privileges, implementing firewalls, and creating an Incident Response Plan.

Ideally, these methods should be used in unison to maximize protection against cyber threats.

Lack of Talent

If you were searching for new developers last year, you likely encountered the same challenge faced by hundreds of companies across Australia – the "Lack of talent available in the industry at the moment."

This issue has arisen due to the influx of companies looking to expand their in-house tech teams with numerous projects and developments starting every day.

The solution, surprisingly straightforward, lies in options offered by IT consulting companies such as Lynkz, which provide fully flexible augmentation options. Businesses can now hire staff on an "as-needed" basis, allowing for greater flexibility in staffing requirements. This approach extends beyond developers to roles such as business analysts, UX designers, and more.

Legacy System Obstacles Around the Integration of Emerging Technologies

The year 2023 was dubbed by Theara Coleman, a writer for The Week US, as the "start of the AI 'gold rush'," with every business eager to adopt the latest AI technologies.

However, many businesses quickly realized how outdated their operating systems were and the challenges that arose from integrating these new technologies. Legacy systems always come with their own set of issues, from security risks to instability. Companies relying on these outdated systems understood the urgency of updating their day-to-day operations to avoid falling behind.

While the solution might seem straightforward – "Upgrade your systems" – dealing with legacy systems often involves a more complex process than a simple push of the "update" button. Careful planning is required to allow for updates while ensuring the smooth running of day-to-day operations. This is where outside assistance becomes invaluable. Consulting companies like Lynkz can alleviate the stress associated with legacy systems and enable a professional team to handle the integration of these new technologies seamlessly.

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