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We guide and inspire our people to ensure our clients progress towards their vision

Our senior leadership have deep expertise in the fields of engineering, physics, mathematics, design, music, sales and marketing – this multi-disciplinary approach gives us a unique perspective to solving problems not hindered by industry assumptions or constraints.

Braden Voigt


With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, Braden has established a diverse professional background encompassing various roles. From technical consulting and pre-sales positions to general management, Braden has excelled in both customer-facing and solutions integration environments, predominantly with Microsoft Gold Partners. 

Throughout his career, Braden has garnered expertise across multiple industries, including Mining, Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare, Retail, and Financial services. 

Braden's extensive skill set is underpinned by numerous industry certifications, spanning a wide range of technologies and providers. His Microsoft certifications cover areas such as Identity, Security, Desktop, Application Development, and Cloud (Office 365 and Azure). Additionally, Braden actively participates in the Azure Advisors program and holds a membership with the Australian Institute of Management. 

Narelle Spiller


As the CFO of Lynkz, Narelle assumes responsibility for overseeing all financial matters within the organisation. Additionally, she plays a crucial role in streamlining employee business travel to customer sites and actively contributes to the development of company policies and procedures. 

Narelle's professional background encompasses office administration in the finance sector, team management in the advertising industry, and nearly a decade of experience in the health industry. In her early years, Narelle worked as a collections officer for a prominent credit reporting agency. She later advanced to accounts management and computer processing for a finance company specialising in the medical field. This diverse range of positions across various industries equips Narelle with a breadth of skills that she applies effectively within Lynkz. 

Drawing from her recent studies in Professional Counselling, Narelle brings a philosophy to Lynkz that values the unique individuality of each employee. Recognising that team members possess distinct life experiences both personally and professionally, their thoughts and ideas are highly esteemed and warmly welcomed within the organisation. 

Matthew Labrum


Matt Labrum is a skilled software developer who excels at bringing business solutions to life. He possesses a unique talent for taking complex technical ideas and distilling them into concepts that end users can readily understand. 

With a rich professional background spanning over 10 years in the financial, telecommunications, and digital advertising industries, Matt has held various roles and successfully managed teams in the creation and deployment of websites and mobile applications on platforms like Amazon and Azure. 

Beyond his passion for improving the end user experience, Matt is also deeply committed to enhancing the development process. He leverages powerful tools like Azure DevOps to expedite the time to deployment, increase transparency, and mitigate risks, ultimately ensuring a smoother and more efficient journey in bringing software to life. 

Matthew Andarakis

Head of PMO

With experience spanning over a decade in the IT industry Matthew brings to the table a wealth of knowledge in Strategy, Project planning, Release Management and support, allowing him to advise on the entire strategy and technology delivery lifecycle.

Relentless focus on customer value lies at the core of Matthew’s day to day operations. He is an accomplished Product Manager and is continually engaging in ways to better understand customer needs.
Matthew has worked in the IT, Government, Emergency Management, Retail and Logistics industry sectors both nationally and internationally. He has managed teams spanning multiple countries and time zones in order to develop market disrupting platforms that service the needs of customers.

Matt Psaltis

Principal Consultant

With a foundation in bare metal server deployments and a passion for software engineering, Matt's journey has evolved from bespoke solutions in systems automation, to becoming a pioneer in cloud development, specializing in Kubernetes and Platform engineering. His expertise as an Application Systems Integrator, collaborating with products and marketing companies, led him to Lynkz, where he crafted large-scale microservices solutions. Matt is driven to extend his wealth of experience over the past 20+ years to empower new businesses with our cutting-edge solution.