My First 30 Days at Lynkz

Ben Creamer

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Joining the Lynkz Family

Recently I started a new GM role at Lynkz, which is a software development organisation that specialises in AI, Machine Learning and Data Analytics.  After 10+ years in the SharePoint space it was time for a change and I wanted be involved in technology that was cutting edge and at the front of the technology curve, which AI and ML certainly are. Upon starting at Lynkz I completed a very thorough onboarding and within a few days we were in the midst of the Corona Virus starting to change the corporate landscape, which made for an interesting first week (but more on that later).

The decision to join an organisation that develops custom solutions using a variety of languages on all the major cloud platforms was daunting to say the least. There were discussions about Kubernetes and microservices that i very quickly had to upskill on. This role and company also forces me to move outside of my comfort zone and learn a huge range of new technologies, languages and skills. When I heard that Lynkz were doing predictive analysis and AI on the traffic using the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and providing a range of "Vision based" AI Services i knew that every day would bring new challenges (and it has so far). 
As per all managerial best practice guides, i have made an effort to get to know the team mainly via MS Teams as we are distributed around Australia in various locations. There are some very smart people in this organisation that have Data Science degrees, Software Development experience, Cloud Architecture knowledge, consulting backgrounds, Business Analysis skills and much much more. 

Since our business has primarily been work from home the change to a "Corona Based Structure" hasn't been much of a change for us. I have focussed on meeting our clients and partners and building new relationships as our services can be used in nearly any industry or sector. We have used some of this time to conduct R+D on our SMT Camera business, which has leapt the product forward to point where we can analyse a variety of objects from a video feed in seconds. Some of the examples of what we can now do with our "Vision as a Service" offering include

  • Traffic Management - Queuing, Identification, Registration Checks, Intersection Planning. 
  • Animal Management – Facial Recognition, Volume Counting, Health / Behavioural Management, Movement Tracking
  • Food Production – Assess and report on the quality, colour, size, orientation and layout of several food items
  • Site Management – Monitoring and Tracking of Vehicles or staff entering and leaving premises
  • Temperature Management – Monitoring and Assessing of temperature across various items
  • Building / Personal Security – People Counting, facial recognition, movement tracking
  • Logistics Management - Training Management, Automated Booking, System Integrations, Even predictive analysis of when construction of housing will be complete.  

We have developed new software products and also released a new website to take advantage of some of the quieter days. So all in all it has been a very interesting month and there is plenty to do over the coming months to continue to grow the business. I sincerely hope your industry, business, career and most importantly family lives haven't been affected too much by this virus and if there is anything i can do to help please don't hesitate to reach out (even if its just for a chat). 

Ben Creamer