The Invisible Shield

Derek Griffiths

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What is cyber security?

Cybersecurity is the term used to describe safeguarding digital assets: protecting sensitive information and ensuring smooth functionality of systems and networks. For Australian businesses, cybersecurity is something that needs to be prioritised and should be an ever-evolving conversation to proactively address digital threats, safeguard their data, and fortify the resilience of their infrastructure. With the increasing sophistication of cyber-attacks companies must stay proactive in adapting their security measures and implementing robust defences.

What should Australian businesses do after a breach?

Act fast and isolate the affected systems from the network to prevent further compromise, then engage a qualified cybersecurity professional to assess the extent of the breach and help in the recovery process, ensuring that you preserve evidence of the attack for potential legal or investigative purposes. Review and strengthen your security measures, including updating passwords, implementing multi-factor authentication, and conducting employee training to prevent similar incidents in the future. Critically, you should consider working with law enforcement and regulatory authorities as appropriate to report the incident and seek guidance on any potential legal and compliance obligations.

Cyber-attack solutions for Australian businesses?

Australia allows business to pay their own ransoms, but most countries discourage or advise against such a response due to concerns of encouraging further attacks or funding criminal activities, with many countries criminalising the practice. Organisations may have strict policies against paying ransoms, while others may consider it as a last resort to regain access to critical systems or data; either way it is crucial for businesses to carefully evaluate the potential risks, legal implications, and ethical considerations associated with paying ransoms, while also factoring in moving forward with alternative strategies such as incident response, data recovery, and improving cybersecurity defences.

It is worth mentioning that the cybersecurity landscape is dynamic, and policies and practices may have evolved. We recommended consulting with current sources and your local legal authorities to obtain the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding a specific country's stance on paying ransoms.


What are Australia’s cyber security vulnerabilities?

  1. Australia has a highly connected digital landscape, with extensive internet access and widespread use of technology across businesses, governments, and individuals. The increased connectivity and reliance on digital systems can potentially create more opportunities for cyber-attacks.
  2. Australia is home to a multitude of industries that handle valuable data, including financial services, healthcare, mining, and government sectors. These industries often become prime targets for cyber-attacks due to the potential financial gain or strategic advantages that can be obtained from compromising them.
  3. Australia's geographic isolation can present unique challenges in terms of cybersecurity. The distance from major technology hubs and global cybersecurity networks may result in delayed access to threat intelligence and resources, potentially affecting incident response capabilities.
  4. Australia's strong ties to global networks and partnerships can increase exposure to cyber threats originating from other countries. The interconnected nature of the digital world means that cyber-attacks can come from anywhere, and organisations in Australia may be targeted by threats from around the globe.

It is crucial to recognise that cybersecurity risks exist globally, and countries worldwide face their own unique challenges. Addressing these risks requires a proactive and comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, involving strong defence measures, ongoing education and awareness, collaboration among organisations and government agencies, and effective incident response capabilities.