Award Winning AI Cameras

Shaun Coghlan

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In the quest to create smarter, more efficient cities, the role of technology has become increasingly vital. One standout solution leading the charge is PolyVision, a revolutionary AI camera system designed to streamline processes, enhance safety, and provide a competitive advantage across various industries. Recently recognised for its excellence in technology, PolyVision was honoured with the prestigious "Technology Platform Award" at the 2023 IAwards. In this article, we will explore how PolyVision's AI cameras are transforming town and city planning by revolutionising traffic management, infrastructure maintenance, and construction site monitoring. 

Revolutionising Traffic Management 

Traffic congestion has long been a major challenge for urban planners. Fortunately, PolyVision's AI-powered cameras are bringing a proactive approach to traffic management. Collaborating with Lynkz Group, we've developed a Cloud-Based Traffic Analysis and Management AI Model that harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to analyze, count, and manage traffic flows. 

 One of the key features of this system is its accurate traffic counting capability, including the detection of duplicate or obscured vehicles. By classifying vehicles by size, function, and class, we can provide comprehensive traffic insights to help predict flow and identify different types of vehicles passing through specific locations. Moreover, the system performs registration checks by cross-referencing the TMR databases, thus contributing to vehicle security and monitoring. 

Additionally, the AI models enable us to determine various metrics of vehicles, such as production year, make, model, and colour. This level of detail empowers city planners with valuable information for optimising traffic signal management at intersections and adjusting traffic light timings to alleviate congestion. 

Moreover, PolyVision's AI cameras have a forward-thinking application in intersection safety. By monitoring vehicle movement across multiple points within an intersection and predicting potential accident-prone areas, we can proactively implement measures like traffic turn signals to enhance road safety and protect pedestrians. 

Infrastructure Management Made Efficient 

PolyVision extends its benefits beyond traffic management to infrastructure monitoring, making it an indispensable tool for city planners. Whether it's roads, railways, or powerlines, PolyVision's AI cameras can evaluate the state of various infrastructure elements and report on their condition before issues arise. 

For instance, the system excels in change detection and crack detection, automatically identifying deviations from the norm in objects like railway lines, powerlines, and concrete structures. By promptly spotting faults or issues, PolyVision helps prioritise maintenance, minimising potential risks and ensuring seamless infrastructure operations. 

Moreover, our AI cameras offer an innovative approach to site management, proven through successful trials on the Sunshine Coast in 2019. The solution assists in managing vehicles entering and leaving a site during construction projects. By tracking construction vehicles, recording timestamps, and documenting pertinent details, PolyVision simplifies site management, streamlines logistics, and optimises project timelines. 


Driving Smart City Innovations 

PolyVision's impact extends beyond individual industries. By providing real-time monitoring, analysis, reporting, and prediction services, PolyVision plays a vital role in the development of smart cities. The applications of this technology are vast and diverse, ranging from monitoring public spaces and facilities to wildlife analysis and management. 

The vision behind PolyVision is to simplify AI and machine learning, making it accessible to a wide range of businesses and organisations. Our dedicated team of developers, data scientists, and engineers has built an enterprise-grade AI Vision as a Service product, setting it apart as a leading solution in the industry. Moreover, the ability to train custom models further empowers businesses to tailor the technology to their unique needs. 

As we embrace the smart cities of tomorrow, PolyVision's award-winning AI cameras have emerged as a driving force behind urban planning innovation. From revolutionising traffic management to enhancing infrastructure maintenance and construction site monitoring, PolyVision is reshaping the way technology contributes to our customer's success. With a commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and empowering businesses across various sectors, PolyVision is at the forefront of building a smarter, more connected future.