SMT Camera


SMT Camera have changed the way we capture, process and report on information from our video feed. They have taken simple CCTV footage and turned it into analytical / metric gold!

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Client background  

SMT Camera provide a range of Video / Vision based services and offer two distinct solutions that provide an end to end solution for monitoring and analysis of video footage.  These include an industry leading “Vision as a Service” offering that uses the power of the cloud and Artificial Intelligence to process information from the feed. The second product SMT offers is a range of Camera’s to capture footage and feed information into the Cloud Based AI engine. 

Company Use Cases 

SMT Camera has developed a range of “Use Cases” where their services have assisted customers; including   

  • Traffic / Intersection Management and Analysis of Australian roadways and Bridges
  • Management, Counting and Identification of Objects (People, Animals and Food Items)
  • Security / Site Access, Building, Personnel and Inventory Management
  • Temperature Management and Monitoring of sensitive / valuable equipment 

Product Overview – Vision as a Service

Our innovative “Vision as a Service” offering uses the power of Artificial intelligence to provide you analysis from any camera vision or video feed. This service processes video footage against our AI Algorithm to determine several metrics and can be fed by your video feed (through an API or Webservice) or through our cameras.  
The service is easy to setup in our portal (<10mins) and can be run in most of the major cloud providers platforms or within your private network. This brings the computational power of the cloud to your fingertips and the results are shown in an easy to use dashboard. Vision as a service runs on a “pay as you go model” with monthly billing, so unnecessary costs aren’t accrued.   

Product Overview – SMT Camera

SMT Camera provides a hardware solution so customers can purchase a physical camera and then leverage the power of our “Vision as a service” offering. Our Cameras are ruggedized, come with industry leading power management features that extend battery life to 30+hrs of continuous recording or they can run from mains power if available. They are fitted with technology to allow 3G, 4G and LTE connectivity. They are also able to be setup and managed 100% remotely, with Geo-Location features to protect them against theft.  
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