I highly recommend AI vision for anyone looking to make process improvements and assist their teams. AI has the capability to assist all departments within the business to add value to whatever their job role is. ~ Evan Tsioukis Managing Director NMPS

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NMPS was founded in 1990 as a small family-owned business in Victoria; today NMPS Food Group has grown to become a market leading, world-class food manufacturer. Specialising in custom food product and processing solutions based on over 30 years-experience in product development, innovation and supply chain management.


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NMPS implemented a purpose-built solution for their production line based on PolyVision's artificial intelligence and real-time video analytics. The solution uses a waterproof camera installed above the production line, this sends real-time video of the product being manufactured to a cloud-based AI engine:  the ai engine detects products to determine attributes such as the number of units, size and quality. The engine can also detect weight, colour, product labelling compliance, and product conformance. The PolyVision solution is non-intrusive and can be installed without disruption to the production line and, once connected to the portal, the user can see the product output at a glance via a custom dashboard. A live video feed of the manufacturing line, a secure user portal, that can be accessed from any mobile or computing device from any location.  Management is now empowered with real-time information on their manufacturing process.We have developed our AI vision system to detect the quality of the product along with various product types and the size of the components coming out. Any improvements that we make are live so we don't have to wait for an hour or until someone actually records it ... it's live with AI vision.