Lynkz's work in the smart camera technology has given us a five-year lead on the industry as well as generating a new revenue model.

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Matrix provides full-service traffic surveying services in Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. It offers a complete range of quantitative and qualitative services across consumer, business and specialist markets. ​

Business Challenge

The Company’s core technology and operational process were an inhibitor to its growth aspirations.  The core technology utilised their own cameras to collect CCTV videos and was supported by a manual business process - transferring the video data offshore and manually counting vehicles, and vehicle actions.  The manual process was time consuming, expensive, was not 100% accurate due to human error, and had elongated processing times (3-4 weeks).  And, there was no leverage of historical data. ​

The Solution​

The Solution had 3 facets of Lynkz’s value proposition – Services, Product and AI.​

Product – joint development of a new Camera with capability to upload a video in near real time to the cloud for processing.  The cameras also had other features like battery life to extend the capabilities of the Camera.​

Services – utilised an Agile software development approach to build a custom application to 1/ configure, manage, monitor the cameras, 2/ setup individual campaign data requirements (e.g. count, monitor, detect), 3/ manage jobs including quoting and billing, and 4/ provide access to resultant information directly with download capability​

AI  - extended the existing data by analysing car and truck images to be able to be able identify makes of vehicles  (without access to externally available public data)​

The Payback​

The Solution provides access to the outcomes in near real time, and has provided an enabler for the Company’s business growth. Not only have the process inefficiencies been removed, and the cost of processing significantly reduced, the total solution is allowing the Company to extend its value to its Clients.​